A nice dinner with Hakime, who is our application engineer in the office; he just bought my most valuable property – the bicycle, and invited me a dinner for such budget price.

A “tajine” is a slow-cooked Moroccan dish made in a glazed, earthenware pot with distinctive conical lid.

And “Thé à la menthe” is my favorite drink, a very sweet tea with mint leaf. A very famous traditional drink in Arabic countries. Hakime said when you visit Arabic people and they treat you to three cups of Thé à la menthe”, that means you are very welcome, but if they give you the 4th cup, then that’s to say you are not so welcome. Whether is true or not, still interesting.

阿拉伯文化裡最有名的食物就屬couscous Tajine, 今天趁著賣掉腳踏車之際, 順便跟買主吃個小飯, 我所居住的Puteaux有不少阿拉伯裔的居民, 所以也有不少阿拉伯餐廳, 之前吃過Couscous, 所以今天就試試Tajine, 餐後的薄荷茶(Thé à la menthe)是我的最愛, 給在多我都喝的完, 只可惜不是免費的, 所以從來沒有喝到爽過; Hakime說如果你到阿拉伯人家裡作客, 當主人款待你三杯薄荷茶, 那表示很歡迎你, 但如果給你第四杯, 就表示你該拍拍屁股走人, 你不是那麼受歡迎的; 餐廳裡侍者倒薄荷茶時永遠是舉得高高的, 主要原因是要讓滾燙的薄荷茶能冷卻一些好入口.

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